Student Voice




Mr Menzies 6/7

Hunter Press/Amy Donaldson

Ms Sweeney 6/7

Indi Harding/Jarrad Harlow-McRae

Mrs Keeler 5/6

Macey Badcock

Mr Ikiua 4/5

Addysan Di Paolo

Mrs Verma 4/5

Tobias Greaves

Ms Freeman 3/4

Hamish French

Ms Foulis/Mrs Welsby 2/3

Jett Mackinlay

Ms George 1/2

Phoenix Robertson

Ms Boscence-Press R/1

Lily Davenport

Ms Clark R

Luca Hamilton

Ms O’Grady/Mrs Byles LC

Alex Roberts

Port Augusta West Primary School has an active Student Representative Committee (SRC). The group comprises of one elected chair person for each class as well as an elected assistant.

The group meet once every fortnight to discuss issues that are concerning the student population.

A primary focus for SRC in 2018 will be to act as the conduit between staff and governing council for the student body. This involves collecting information, issues, concerns, feedback from students to pass onto the Principal or Governing Council.


  • Completion of a site wide survey on student wellbeing
  • The wellbeing data informed the need to develop a sub-committee to address school yard concerns. The Peer Activity Leaders at School group was formed.
  • SRC hosted assembly in Term 1 and Term 4 of 2017
  • SRC students attended Governing Council Meetings
  • SRC interviewed 30 students across the year levels to gather information about the learning taking place in the school. This information was recorded and presented to staff to help inform teaching practise and the Visible Learning Project
  • Consulted the school community on a set of relevant school values. The school community recommended Respect, Responsibility and PersistEnce
  • Consulted students on the new school motto. The school community recommended Inspiring Effort, Learning and Excellence. This recommendation was put forward to Leadership and Governing Council


  • To continue to act as a consultative group for Governing Council and Leadership
  • To collect wellbeing data to make comparisons to the 2017 data
  • To repeat the Visible Learning Project in term 4 to compare to the data collected in term 4 2017