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Have you heard of Children’s University? It’s an innovative program that engages children and young people in exciting, out-of-school learning opportunities to increase their chances for educational achievement and rewards them for taking responsibility for their own learning. Our program began in the United Kingdom and is now available across the world in places like Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa!

Today, Children’s University works with community and cultural institutions, supports the development of school-based clubs and activities, and provides so many opportunities for parents and communities to engage in the education of our young people (because they are our future).

To be involved, participants must be between the ages of 5 and 14 years, with 15 to 18 years old students offered the chance to participate as volunteers and leaders.

Children's University Coordinators for 2024 are JANE MOUNT AND SARAH BURY. 

Please see Jane or Sarah if you are interested in the program.

2024 - Children's University Participants

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