We believe that good attendance at school supports future success. Please contact the school as soon as possible when your child is absent from school so that teachers can be informed. This can be done via our SchoolZine app or by contacting the reception desk. 

We ask that students arrive at school at 8.30am and prior to 8.45am so they don’t interrupt learning time. Students are not allowed on site before the 8.30 bell unless booked into Out of School Hours Care.  Students who arrive after 8.45am must collect a late card from the Front Office before heading to class.  If you know you will be away for extended periods or even a few days during the term, please obtain an Exemption Form from the front office.  If you visit the doctor with a sick child, it is also beneficial to request a sickness certificate.

Emergency Contacts

At times it is important for the school to contact parents/ caregivers or other nominated emergency contacts. Please ensure that the school front office is informed of any changes to this information as it occurs, especially changes to contact numbers, email and home address.

If your child requires a specific medical support please inform the school as soon as possible. Department guidelines require a Health Support Plan to be developed in consultation with the child’s medical practitioner before medication can be used at school. Designated staff will supervise children taking this prescribed medication.


We encourage parents to join our closed group on Facebook to keep up to date with new  information, photos of special events and classroom activities. Check out our page here!

Lunch orders

Eating time is from 10:40am to 10:50am. Lunch orders are currently processed by an off site provider from Monday to Thursday Only (No Lunch Orders On Friday's).  Orders can be placed in the class  lunch boxes. There is no canteen available at school during recess or lunchtimes. Emergency lunches are provided.


All students are encouraged to borrow frequently from our school library.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Teacher's provide students with the opportunity to utilise the library for curriculum purposes.


Newsletters are published every three weeks via an e-Newsletter. This wiill be emailed and made available via the School Zine app and this website. You can also access the 'Newsletter Archive' on the School Zine app and this website. Please see our school calendar for e-Newsletter distribution dates.


Student assemblies are facilitated by our individual classes every three weeks.  We welcome you to come along to enjoy the fun and see the wonderful learning that is happening at school. Please see our school calendar for the assembly dates.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music tuition (by outside providers) is available for years 5-6. For more details please contact the front office.


Swimming lessons are held in either term one or term three for our yr R-5 students. This alternates each year.

An aquatics program is offered to Yr 6 students, either in term one or term three. Details will be sent home during the year.

Student Support

Children with special needs are catered for through One Plans. Assessment and support is provided by specialised professional from Support Services if required. Our school has a Special Options Class which is accessed by students from across Port Augusta. It is specifically for students identified with a learning disability..

Uniform/Dress Code

Children are expected to wear the school uniform as per the Uniform Policy. 

A Uniform Shop is operated by our Parent Club for the purchase of school uniforms. 


All children are expected to wear a broad-brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style hat when outside in accordance with our Sun Smart Policy both at playtime and for outside class activities. 

School Bell Times


Students can enter grounds


Class admin / lunch orders to office


Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Eating Time


Recess Play


Lesson 3


Lesson 4


Lunch Play 


Lesson 5


Lesson 6


(Early finish - 2:20pm Mondays)

End of school Day


Exit bell*

 * No students except Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) participants to be on grounds after this bell.

Please Note:  Children are not allowed on the school grounds before the 8:30am bell unless booked into OSHC