Governing Council

Governing Council meets twice a term.  Members of Governing Council represent the views of the local community about the priorities and educational needs of the students in the local school community. Please contact the Principal if you are interested in seeking election at the next AGM. Parents are welcome to attend these meetings.  Only elected members can vote.

The Department for Education and Child Development’s Policy on School Governance states:

“Strong and effective governance in schools, preschools and children’s centers offers sites a robust, transparent decision making body which brings the site leader, staff, parents, students and the community together with a shared ownership of governance related matters. It promotes a culture of accountability, performance, monitoring and review.

Governing councils provide a mechanism for parents and community members to be positively engaged in shaping the vision and values of their site. This holistic approach to community engagement supports good practice and provides an avenue to achieve positive education and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people”.

In 2018 we hope to continue/establish further sub-committees with responsibility for regular review and action, such as those responsible for Grants, Road Safety, School Grounds etc.  All ideas and parent’s talents are sought.  I encourage all parents to have a voice and bring your ideas, whether you are a member or not. 

Krysten Hancock

Governing Council Chairperson

Port Augusta West School Governing Councillors

Governing Council Member


Roy Winther


Wendy Gibbs

Staff Rep

Renee Honan / Summa Fotiou

Parent Club Reps

Cathy Beek / Katrina Hanlin

Community Members

Current SRC members

Student Rep

John Bethell

Angela Green

Karina Harlow

Shalon Chamberlain

Natasha Paul

Elise Cattanach

Marie Frahm

Parent Rep’s

Krysten Hancock


Annika Skillen

Deputy Chairperson:

Michael Strong


Summa Fotiou


Summa Fotiou

Roy Winther

Katrina Hanlin

Emma Foulis


Hayley Harris

Angela Hancock

Summa Fotiou

Cathy Beek

Katrina Hanlin