Principal's Welcome

Lawton, David

Port Augusta West Primary School enjoys the reputation of being a high achieving school with guaranteed success for all students. This is because our focus is on early intervention, strong literacy foundations and rigorous monitoring of student achievement and of teacher programs and performance.

Our school vision is to ‘Empower learners to reach their potential by developing educators in a culture of professional learning and high quality teaching’. We focus on the latest research based practices and the latest technologies and tools for learning in all classes. No child is allowed to fail and every child achieves success.

Our parents and the community are highly supportive and hold the school in high regard. There is an expectation of excellence and this is a part of our culture in everything we do. There are no behavior issues at the school, all students are engaged, and every class enjoys quiet learning at all times.

All students are expected to be in full school uniform. We expect well presented and professional staff, and the school is continually upgrading it’s learning environments and facilities. The school sends its senior students to Canberra and the Snow every year, and offers the highest quality OSHC (Out of School Hours Care), Instrumental Music programs, and many sports teams, who have a history of winning not only at Port Augusta, but in South Australia.

If you expect excellence and success for your child, you are welcome to come for a school tour or to apply for enrolment, no matter where you live.

Regards,  David Lawton (Principal).