Wellbeing Services

Port Augusta West Primary School provides a range of services to address the wellbeing needs of your child. The school employs the following personnel to help your child with wellbeing related challenges.

Student Wellbeing Leader

The Student Wellbeing Leader is employed .8FTE.

The Wellbeing Leader provides a service to supports children’s wellbeing, engagement and positive achievement. The Wellbeing Leader works with children, families and staff to help children feel included and valued and to receive support that is appropriate for different stages of their development.

The Wellbeing Leader is a qualified teacher with additional skills, experience and qualifications that promote wellbeing. This can mean that the Wellbeing Leader serves in several roles within the school.

The Student Wellbeing Leader supports children by?

  • Listening to concerns
  • Helping children to problem solve
  • Providing support for children to develop confidence
  • Working with teachers, parents and carers
  • Seeking and refer to specialised support when needed
  • Helping families access community resources
  • Connecting children and families with other agencies and services

Wellbeing Leaders are not Psychologists and do not provide individual therapeutic services. When children do require more specialised support the Wellbeing Leader can help families with referrals to appropriate services such as Headspace, Paediatricians, or CAMHS.

Click Here To download the Primary School Counselling Service Brochure

At Port Augusta West Primary the Junior Primary classes receive explicit teaching in social and emotional learning. The Student Wellbeing Leader provides 1 lesson per week to R-3 students. The program implemented in 2017 and into 2018 is the Kimochi Social and Emotional program.

Kimochi (KEY.MO.CHEE) means “feeling” in Japanese.

The Student Wellbeing Leaders uses the Kimochis Educator’s Tool Kit. This is a universal, school-based, social emotional learning curriculum designed to give children the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to recognize and manage their emotions, demonstrate caring and concern for others, establish positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and handle challenging situations constructively. These skills have been identified by leading researchers in the field of social and emotional learning as necessary for school success, academic achievement, positive social relationships and the development of emotional competence. The Kimochis social emotional learning curriculum incorporates innovative and fun activities developed to teach children how to manage challenging social situations with skill, character and confidence.

For more information on the Kimochi program please visit the website - www.kimochis.com

Keys To Communication Videos

Pastoral Care Support Services

We are fortunate enough to have Dr John Bethell working in our school as an additional service to support all children and families.

Dr John works with the Wellbeing team to help children and implement small group programs with the purpose to develop good communication and relationships skills. If required Dr John can support families to access other services providers within the community.

If Dr John works directly with your child he will contact you to discuss the supplementary services he will provide and facilitate consent form information.

Aboriginal Education Services

At Port Augusta West Primary School we employ an Aboriginal Education Teacher and an Aboriginal Community Education Officer. Both professionals provide support services to Aboriginal Students for a myriad of reasons. If your child requires inclusive, non-judgmental support please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask to speak with a member of the Aboriginal Education team.



Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) Phone 8226 1000, freecall 1800 088 158 - www.decd.sa.gov.au

Parenting SA For more Parent Easy Guides - www.parenting.sa.gov.au

Parent Helpline Phone 1300 364 100 For advice on child health and parenting

Raising Children Network For parenting information - www.raisingchildren.net.au

Headspace - headspace.org.au

CAMHS - Click here to download the brochure CAMHS brochure



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